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Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Started by turner1C , Dec 04 PM. Reply to this topic. I found the chords, but that's all.

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It sounds like he tuned most of the strings down several steps. Acoustic Guitar had an article which said " Can anyone help? Thanks Josh. Posted 29 January - PM Guitar loner, Sorry I haven't gotten back to this song and getting the tabs for you.

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I'm glad you agree with my tuning and thinking on this song. I run a kitchen so I'm exhausted most of the time. Yet, I do pick up my guitar almost every day. It's the tabs that I never get around to.

Have you tried my suggestions yet? I'm still faking it, but most people who I've played it for say it's very convincing. If so, fingerpick like the crazy bastard does on that tune with Say Goodbye", but using the tuning and chord progressions that I suggested in my last post. Fleetwood fires Weston, cancels the tour, and the band temporarily breaks up. Holy shit.

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Causes for excitement: Cocaine, affairs, dreams. They are also featured in the music video , along with some excellent baton twirling footage of Stevie Nicks. Buckingham and Nicks have both embarked on solo careers, and Christine McVie has just left a two-year relationship with Dennis Wilson.

Cause for excitement: This whole album — totally radio-friendly, timeless, soft rock hits. Number of songs with the potential to get stuck in your head for longer than 24 hours: 8. BaNd DrAmA: Buckingham abruptly announces his departure from the band right before the Tango tour, and remains on hiatus for 10 years.

BIG LOVE ACOUSTIC TAB by Fleetwood Mac @

Are those even the real members of Fleetwood Mac? Plymouth Rock. This is perfect advice. You've named to the type of picking it is any given another song to work on. Thank you! Scroll to the bottom and hit up the links. I've never visited the "learn in 8 lessons" part because I had already been introduced to fingerstyle playing but it may be worth a look.

The " fingerstyle lessons" link however I found very useful for dexterity.


Start at one and as you get them down pat move on in order. You will get pretty far along and feel pretty accomplished As for that bass note on the top string it's something only practice will bring and depending on the song can throw everything else off. Good luck man. I love fingerstyle and have learned a lot since discovering it I'm not familiar with the song, but sometimes taking a day off and coming back to it fresh can really help. Good luck with the song! From the 8th most selling album in the world! Go as slowly as you can and keep at it. It might help to work on some other simpler songs with that type of picking to get your fingers separating.

I started with Doc Watson, which isn't easy either. Travis picking is tough. You have to keep at it. It took me a while to get it and a ton of frustration, but the satisfaction was huge when I got it and my finger picking has gotten way better since. Edit: I was curious if you know that the album version has two guitar parts. I learned the upper part that's capoed on the sixth fret, the low E is tuned to C and the A string is tuned to A. I use a thumb pick and gently mute the strings at the bridge with the side of my hand.

Not much to offer except that this is just the nature of finger picking alternating string bass lines. It most certainly does twist your brain up in the beginning.

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I assume you already saw this youtube lesson? I'd watch this, only to get down the bass line. Drill it hard until your picking hand can do it reliably without thought. When you think you have it, form the main chord shape and then just try to add a single high note in sync with the bass line. When you have that established, shift the higher note so that you're playing it on the upbeat.

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Drill that until it's perfect and remembered.