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Create Windows 10 Bootable|Burn ISO File to USB/DVD/CD on Mac OS X

Windows 8 is coming around the corner, and many users are considering installing the preview to one of their older machines in order to give it a test drive. For many of us, this means burning a disc from another machine. Believe it or not, there are ways to create a bootable installation DVD for Windows directly on a Mac. Microsoft uses.

Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

ISO formats to distribute downloadable copies of its operating system. Buying a license and downloading the image format directly from Microsoft means having to burn a disc of your own, unless you prefer using a bootable USB drive.

Note: The disc will only be bootable if the image is set up that way. Thus if you are not fully aware of how to burn ISO image file onto to disk especially on Mac computers, this article would be the best guideline to show you the methodology. Mac besides windows computers has got certain discrepancies which makes it a bit different from others, but if you have got the right ISO image burning tool to accomplish your task, Mac computers can be as supportive as the Windows computers.

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Besides, the user needs to have a basic idea of what burning of ISO image file means exactly. Well, if you are not fully aware, then you should know that ISO image files are fragmented files or achieve files of an optical disk which are compressed in the form of an Image called ISO image.

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It is specifically characterized by the extension it uses, that is. Thus if you want to create a Windows 10 bootable USB on mac then you have to burn the ISO image files onto the disk by segregating a partitioned zone within the disk to avail the compressed files and make them executable.

Keep reading to know them in full-length.

Instead of trying out with an external agent, it would be better to make use of the in-built application of Mac, called Disk Utility to burn the ISO image files on disk to make them bootable. It comes pre-installed with the Mac OS so you don't have to worry about its downloading and installation.

How to burn a CD or DVD using Apple Mac OSX Finder

Step 2. Locate the app "Disk Utility" from the apps available on the "Utilities" folder.

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Step 3. Now pull down the fileStep 4. Browse to the ISO image file that you want to get burnt into your specific drive and click "Ok". Step 4.

How to Create a Bootable Disc for Mac OS X

Step 5. Now click "Burn" to burn the ISO image files into the disk and wait until the burning is completed. WizISO has been incessantly serving countless users across the internet with its exceptional service and its advanced features which makes it different from other ISO burning tools. Step 1. Get the program file downloaded on your Mac OS X. Launch it admin privileges so that you can exercise all the admin rights.