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Apple also said during the introduction of the MacBook at its June Worldwide Developers Conference that all of its laptops now have solid-state drives that feature a 50 percent speed improvement.

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It replaces the Intel HD Graphics from Apple promotes the MacBook as its ultraportable laptop. It weighs a little over 2 pounds and measures If your external device has a USB-C connector, then you can just plug it in. But if it has a different USB connector, you will need an adapter. Apple offers two standard configuration and each model can be customized, which can drive up the price.

Identify your MacBook model

Here are the key specifications for the two models. You can buy a new MacBook directly from Apple online.

This is heavyweight hardware aimed at professionals working in 3D, film and video, and there's one last feature included to make life even easier for them. To make the most of all this serious graphics hardware, Apple has also introduced a top end display to go with it. The Pro Display XDR is touted as the world's first inch 6K display, and it looks like a must-have for anyone who has to have the best visual fidelity. It has a 1,, contrast ratio and 1, nits sustained brightness, peaking at 1,, with bit colour depth and P3 wide colour gamut.

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It features a superwide viewing angle and minimal glare thanks to nano-textured glass, and its back has the same machined lattice as the Mac Pro, again for airflow reasons. It's a fully counterbalanced stand that, says Apple, makes the Pro Display XDR feel weightless and makes it easy to adjust the the height, tilt and even rotation of the display, enabling you to switch from landscape to portrait in an instant.

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It sounds impressive, and it really ought to be at such an extortionate cost. Both the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR are scheduled to launch in the autumn, but if you want to know how they'd look on your desk if you could scrape together the 12 grand you'd need to own the complete kit, there's a special treat waiting for you on the Apple site. Grab your iPhone or iPad and head to Apple's Mac Pro pages, and you can find an AR option that enables you to put a plonk down a virtual version of each and have a good close look at them.

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Ooh, shiny. Mac Pro Release date and price This is the part where you need to brace yourself.

The new Mac Pro: Detailed tech specs

Then you'll see the DirectX Diagnostics Tool appear. Please wait minutes to allow the tool to generate all system information correctly, then choose 'Save All Information';.

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How to find your computer specs and generating a system report It is important to know your computer specifications when you are trying to troubleshoot a problem. Please wait minutes to allow the tool to generate all system information correctly, then choose 'Save All Information'; 4.