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It has a size limit and options for encryption to keep your files safe and secure. While there are a few applications that perform this task for you, it is recommended that you complete this process manually. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Learn more. Learn more Method 1.

macOS 10.13 High Sierra in VirtualBox unter Windows oder macOS installieren

Create a New Folder for your files. Place the files you would like in your disk image into this new folder for easy access later in the process. Open "Disk Utility. Click the "New Image" icon to create a new disk image. It only needs to be large enough to fit the files you are trying to store.

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Here you will have the option to encrypt the folder. If you do not wish to encrypt the folder, select "None. Select "Create. You should be able to immediately see it appear on your desktop or in the left-hand column of your finder window. Once you have done so, exit out of Disk Utilities. Fill your newly created disk. You can do this by simply selected the files you want and dragging them to the DMG file. Method 2.

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Identify the application that's right for you. Manually creating DMG Files is extremely simple, but if you still feel that you would like to explore the option of downloading a DMG application, research the different apps out there and compare their ratings and customer reviews.

There are a few options out there that have helped to make the process of creating a DMG File much simpler. In this tutorial, DropDMG will be highlighted but the other apps will work similarly. Download and launch the app. Drag the application into your "Applications" folder and then double-click it. I also had problems converting the. I went around the problem by copying the file to an external drive and doing the convert from there — worked like a charm. I also had to erase the created virtual disk in the first part of the process through the GUI since I was getting the same error as above.

Thank you for this instruction. Everything is working without problems after three other wrong solutions.

The tip about finding the needed boot. Now up and running….


I got stuck at the failed boot and none of the other installs directions mentioned that part. I just changed the specs and CPUs, to add there four boot orders I could choose from weird. I ask Virtualbox and here are some of the responses I got:. I have a problem: I had to define the initialization disk on this screen.

Verifying checksums on Linux and OSX systems

What I need to do to keep this setup? Another doubt: There is some option to define where to boot from. Guest additions are not available for macOS guests, but you can change the resolution of the VM to certain fixed resolutions, have a look at this thread: Thanks for answering, Tobi. I read the post you cited but I did not find there a solution for me. The related post: Have a look at this thread to set up certain resolutions for the VM: Remember that this option changed with 5.

Windows USB-Boot-Stick von OS X aus erstellen - NICHT für Boot Camp

Hi Great guide. Thought i am trying on Worked great for me on my MBP11,3.

ISO Image öffnen Windows, virtuelles Datenträgerabbild, CD/DVD mounten, Virtual CloneDrive,

Thank you very much!! If you select an incompatible adapter like the MT Desktop , you will be presented with a page titled: This will be a problem later if you decide you do want to have access to the internet, and change the network settings in VB. My experience indicates that this will likely force the boot sequence to display the re-install screen on when you boot.

Thank you for this hint. Did he have to? Of course not! People will try all sorts of uneducated options, with no logical explanation and then complain that if fails! Followed all of your instructions upto right after to creating the VM. When starting the VM, the initial boot just keeps looping. Useful info: Running ubuntu I had the same issue. Thx for this good Tutorial! One Hint: The boot before the wizard sticks during my installation and I had to make one restart; after that everything works fine.

I am running my Mac on High Sierra Would the procedure be the same as you explained here? Thank, Nenad. Muss man da noch was anders machen? Great article. I saw other people as the question but did not see an answer. After reboot the VM wants to start from installation again.


What needs to change that it boots into the already installed Mac OS? I floowed the whole process with success till the end but after all the steps the VM is not starting. Can you help me?

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It unfortunately means the. The same thing happened to me with the above instructions. However my regular Sierra. Thanks Thanks Thanks! Finally I can test my post install script on high sierra. I wish you a great day sir. If anyone is having issues with Virtualbox, complete part 1 as above, go here: All worked nice.