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Your workbench will now look like this:. You don't have to configure Eclipse the way I do, but you'll probably avoid some confusion if you do. Here's how.

Java Development Kit: How To Install And Setup the JDK For A Mac Running OS X

In the Eclipse menu bar, click on the Eclipse menu and then on "Preferences You'll see a window with two panes. On the left pane is a list of types of things you can configure. Click on the triangle to the left of General.

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Then click on the triangle to the left of Appearance. Then click on "Colors and Fonts.

In the window in the middle, click on the triangle next to Java. Then double-click on "Java Editor Text Font":. On the right, where you can select the size, click Then close this window by clicking on the window's close button. Close up the General preferences by clicking on the triangle to the left of General. Click the triangle next to Java and then click the triangle next to "Code Style. Here's what you should see:.

Click on "Blank Lines," and after "Between import groups" and "Before declarations of the same kind," change the values 1 to Now click on triangles to close up Java. Click on the green color sample next to "Standard In text color.

Remove Older Versions of Java

Slide the slider on the right down, so that you get a dark green. You're at Dartmouth. This may be useful information for others. On this display, I would say that Mavericks is a disgrace to its developers. It is Java-hostile to an advanced degree. This will be resolved in the future updates. After editing the plist, make sure to resign the app bundle to avoid a nagging prompt and intermittent hangs at startup.

I have changed my JDK version to "1. I haven't had nag problems after editing the plist, provided I have opened the app at least once before editing. Admittedly, I've only opened IntelliJ a few times since the change. When I enter "java -version" in the console it defaults to 1. I've yet to try java8 for anything but I'm hoping on a new project i can easily use java 8 instead of java 7.

Java and Apache OpenOffice

Thanks Henrik, i actually just realized this and have fixed it accordingly! I just updated the info. This machine has a retina display, and the GUI became much sharper than when running with Apples 1. I know that Oracle did not support retina displays on Mac for 1. It looks really good!

Laptop users, please be aware that running under JDK 1.


It's a known JDK bug. If the battery life is critical for you, consider running under the recommended JDK 1. There are still major issues to resolve and resolution of several issues depends on Oracle. We can't provide any estimates for Oracle, sorry. We have experimental version with bundled Java 8, see my answer here for the details how to get it.

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Is it possible run Idea say in JDK 1. Please sign in to leave a comment. Running GeoServer under Java 11 on other Application Servers may require some additional configuration. Some Application Servers do not support Java 11 yet. Wildfly 14 supports Java 11, with some additional configuration - in the run configuration, under VM arguments add:. GlassFish does not currently Java 11, although the upcoming 5. These policy files are needed for unlimited cryptography. As an example, Java does not support AES with a key length of bit.

Installing the policy files removes these restrictions. Replace these two files with the versions from the download.