Mac DeMarco Still Together Pitchfork Music Festival 2013

Montreal Gazette. Retrieved 12 December Retrieved September 20, Arizona Daily Wildcat. University of Arizona.

Watch Mac DeMarco's Pitchfork Music Festival Paris Performance [Pro-Shot Video]

Archived from the original on 20 October Retrieved 12 March Retrieved April 7, Retrieved July 20, The Austin Chronicle. Retrieved October 20, The Guardian. Time Out. Uncut : Let your mind be blown as you stand inside the HighDive to witness a spectacle like this. The Breeders. The Breeders — p. Another Pygmalion act here with The Breeders, and a terrific one at that. The Breeders are touring in support of their stellar release and twenty-year anniversary of Last Splash , which they'll be performing in its entirety at both festivals.

Common Loon is opening for them when they venture down to Urbana to perform at the Canopy Club in September, so if it's not broke, why fix it? Low — p. After years and years of albums, some good and some just OK, Low have prooven that their career is a slow build of mometum. Solange — p.

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She might have the last name Knowles, and her sister might be the one who is basically killing it at all times, but Solange knows what the hell she's doing. A name can only get you so far, and as she's shed her last name for her stage moniker, she's doing it the right way.

The Struggle gets the nod here. We've seen awesome hip-hop parties happen inside of the HighDive Big Freedia is enough to make this a fact forever , so that's why it's the venue of choice. DJ Rashad — p. Starting out day three early with a DJ is a pretty great way to wake up after a two-day show-going binge. Either choice of DJ Rashad or fellow Chicago hip-hop emcee Tree would be a solid way to go, but DJ Rashad is a bit more eclectic than a straight-up hip-hop show.

Kirkwood West puts together some deep house music, which pairs well here. Cowboy is a solid choice for a venue because it's close-quartered and has a history of hosting the Deep series of local artists. Foxygen — p. Another up-and-comer featured early in the day at Pitchfork, as well as being featured as an opening act for The Breeders for Pygmalion at the Canopy Club, Foxygen has it going on this year.

For good reason, too. The infusion of drugged-out grooves is suffocating. The Dirty Feathers would be a good garage rock outfit to pair up with Foxygen here, and outside at Mike 'N Molly's would be a great setting for a warm summer evening.

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Autre Ne Veut — p. Although the decision to see Foxygen or Autre Ne Veut is a pretty tough toss-up, I'll include this one in the preview as well because it could go either way. It needs nothing else. Locals That's No Moon blend rock and synth pop together for a brand of catchiness themselves.

Mac DeMarco - FULL SET - Pitchfork Music Festival Paris 2013 - PitchforkTV

Cowboy Monkey is intimate enough for Autre Ne Veut, considering he isn't as well known as you might think even with performing at Pitchfork. Killer Mike — p. He packs a huge attitude with his delivery, and he doesn't give a damn about it. Just listen the hell up to what he's saying if you know what's good for you.

Mac DeMarco Shares Pitchfork Paris 2018 Performance: Full Set Pro-Shot Video

Local rapper Young Blu would work well here, as he's blowing up a bit himself within the local scene and beyond. Blood Orange — p. Blood Orange is the project of Dev Hynes, who has taken on a variety of monikers over the years. The last I'd heard of Hynes was when he was still taking up the name Lightspeed Champion, a project that fell off the map in a lot of ways.

Test Icicles before that not a joke. Wicked Walls are a bit more straightforward than Blood Orange's version of indie rock might go, but they benefit each other in a positive way. Waxahatchee — p. Katie Crutchfield is Waxahatchee. This is a surprisingly late spot for her, as I would have expected her to be billed as one of the first acts of the day.

mac demarco pitchfork 2013

Granted, she's in a good position over on the small stage to do her thing. Lo-fi indie rockers from C-U Mille Nomi would make a good pairing here, as they're along similar lines with female vocals and a dirty sound. Yo La Tengo. Yo La Tengo — p. Ah, one of the most anticipated of the weekend finally arrives on Sunday with Yo La Tengo. They are simply one of the best bands out there — no shame in making that claim. Kind of perfect. For some reason, a lot of what Motes does reminds me of YLT's attitude and delivery, so that's why I've put them here.

YLT performed at Krannert Center a few years back for Pygmalion, so why not host it there again if it was possible? Chairlift — p. Better songs and songwriting, lyrics, and vocals just on all together, and just a better sense of who they were, rather than that song you might have heard in an iPod commercial way back when yeah, no one really remembers, right?

Kevin Buckley this is some great video quality.

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