Notice that you see XX again. XX will be the same hex values as you provided in the first step e. Notice that we have introduced three new dummy characters, Y , U and P :. Side note: we can see from above that our authentication details is sent over a TCP stream. This was a major factor of why I decided to start this project.

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Observing the above process multiple times, you will find that the value of XX and therefore YY sent by your web client will increase by one or more every time you log in. I can only guess the possible reasons.

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Perhaps it may be to track sessions? After replaying the request without any authentication, I realised that you do not need to login to get the same response when you send this packet.

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I confirmed this by connecting to my media server port from a remote VPS, sending the packet via netcat and seeing the response. I immediately blocked my media port after. It appears that the only purpose for the authentication protocol is to slow down dumb attackers trying to bruteforce the web client. Note the use of "slow down", because a maximum of six alphanumeric characters will take no time to bruteforce.

As a result, I am not expecting H streaming to require authentication. However, this is good because there will be less code to write, and the purpose of this is to have a Raspberry Pi act as a proxy with proper authentication. Following on from the last section, I was incorrect in assuming that H streaming does not require authentication. That being said, an attacker can use the above method to get the credentials first, defeating the point of the below authentication process.

When setting your camera channel to one which does not have a camera connected via BNC, the stream still works. However, you may see 31dcH a lot and if you use the nc command, you may repeatedly hear the system bell sound probably due to the terminal displaying the bell character. Previously, I made the false impression that the media port for the DVR streamed at the same lower resolution as the mobile port based on the statistics provided when piping the media port stream to VLC.

However, this is false; the media port does indeed stream at x Due to the temporarily halted progress of this repository at the time of writing and the need to move to a better DVR solution which didn't involve buying a not-much-better DVR to replace the DVR, I recently installed Zoneminder.

Ray Sharp CCTV DVR Password Retrieval & Remote Root

The steps to enable the media port to stream to Zoneminder as opposed to the mobile port which can be done using zmodopipe are relatively straightforward:. Upon a second look, I just realised that zmodopipe does have a media port option for this DVR model, but it's always nice to a DIY approach. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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H 264 CCTV DVR (Digital Network Recorder) Live Remote View Mobile Application

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Video Outputs 8. VGA Output Optional 9. USB Port Optional Power Input Jack 5. Grounding 6. Audio output 7. Page Sensor Setup User Manual time of day. Page Network Setup User Manual 5. Page Video Backup User Manual 5. System will display some information on screen. If password protection function is enabled, system will prompt you to input password. Only correct password can stop recording process.

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