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How to Disable slow motion in QuickTime One of the easiest ways to disable slow motion in QuickTime player is by increasing the playback speed of the video. To do that, open the QuickTime player pro and open the video file you want. You have successfully disabled slow motion from the video using QuickTime player. Part 2.

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How to remove slow motion in QuickTime The fundamental issue appears to be the very fact that the capability to record high speed frame rate video is becoming more and more common on various consumer recording devices. Since using slow motion routines are automatically triggered by the high frame rate and there are not any user settings to command these playback actions, you've got three options here: Use lower recording frame rates so as not to trip the QuickTime player slow motion routines. Record in the fps way and put up with QuickTime playback as it presently is.

Do not use QuickTime player for media playback. Other Tips Use iOS 8 media players or the current QuickTime share to instantly preview high frame rate clips without needing to obtain dedicated or professional video editing software with slow motion effects.

Change the speed of movies in QuickTime Player

Use iOS 8 media players or the current QuickTime save to make slow motion settings which can be remembered after. Make use of a dedicated or professional video editing program to make or share slow motion job content where fluxing and frame precision is predominant. Use an alternate media player to preview high frame rate clips when seeing content at its first frame rate and it's also an excessive amount of trouble for you to yourself correct these players for non-slow motion playback i.

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More US. Rewind movie, you can J multiple times to rewind the movie faster. Hold down K and tap J or L. Option-Left Arrow. In some cases, I could go faster, but it depended on the speaker and the content.

Related Articles & Tips

Moreover, if the video plays back too fast, the voices take on an annoying pitch. This problem happens in all players and I think MySpeed has less sound distortion than other programs. For example, I was hoping it would work on the free Excel tutorials I have on this site. The problem is that Enounce needs to have a sound stream for its algorithm to work. The program also requires a website to use a Flash video player.

These types of players are common and used on popular sites such as:. To speed up videos simply requires you to drag the slider bar control to the right. Your setting remains in place for subsequent videos.

Our Top Seven Slow Motion Players

They have both Windows and Mac versions. If your primary goal is to speed up YouTube videos, the speed option is now out of testing. This feature is great for certain videos you can speed up the video as well as slow it down. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I have a movie that I shot at frames per second. I'd like to play it back at 24 frames per second on my Mac. How can I do this? In QuickTime Player option-clicking the forward button increases the speed by 0.

Clicking the backward button plays videos in reverse though.

How to play video in slow motion on Mac

You can slow down videos by running this in AppleScript Editor:. In the menu, the lowest you can set is 0.

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