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Is there another way to do this? Some third-party software applications can "spoof" a MAC address to a different address, but for security reasons, Intel does not support this practice. Beginning with Although Intel doesn't support it anymore, it still does work for me with the AC and driver version Only thing that took me some tries and searching was the fact that Microsoft restricts spoofing for wireless cards in Windows, so that you have to use 2,6,A or E for the second character.

Zmieniamy MAC adres sieciówki - Windows XP

If you add the following to your registry you should even be able to edit it again in the advanced configuration options. So please change the key name "" in the following code to the correct number for your card.

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  • Zmieniamy MAC adres sieciówki - Windows XP.
  • Zmieniamy MAC adres sieciówki - Windows XP.
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Copy the text above to a blank text document, edit the number in the registry path, save it as a. Thank you for your interest in this question.

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This is not possible. For security reasons, Intel does not support this practice. This is easy as pie in Ubuntu so it has nothing to do with the hardware. Jake The question is tagged Windows. Code for registry file is the following: Windows Registry Editor Version 5. Alarm - information about alarm input triggered by motion detection 9.

Alarm 9. Snapshoot 7. Setup 5. Speaker 2. Streaming selection 4. Online connections 3. Output 1. View size. Snapshot - save the current frame in JPEG format 2. Mute - disable sound from camera if available 4. Full screen - switch to live view mode in full screen After double-clicking on screen, full screen mode is also enabled.

Digital zoom - Launch digital zoom function After enabling digital zoom, window for navigating digital zoom is displayed. You have to click Enable digital zoom, next choose zoom factors and select point on the screen to zoom. Green frame shows selected part of picture. Camera configuration After clicking Setup button web page switches to configuration mode.

On the left hand side you can see a list of camera parameters. System a. System information - Set up the camera name, select language, and set up the camera time.

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User management - tab for setting up users parameters, add new one or delete existing. Here you can change password or delete existing user. Click EDIT to modify the user name and password like depicted below. There is no possibility to delete administrator account. Maximum number of users is System update - tab for upgrading firmware, save, restore and set default camera setting. Caution: Please contact your local distributor before software upgrading. Caution: You should close all other programs and run only one camera in Internet Explorer browser.

Mac jak Xbox

Power failure or turning off the device while upgrading the software results in camera damage and necessity for service repair. Network a. IP setting - table containing IP configuration and camera ports. Correct settings of IP address and subnet mask are necessary for proper operation of an IP camera. Defining gateways and DNS servers is necessary for using the camera outside the local network. LLTD protocol allows to display a network map on a computer Windows Vista or newer OS required and display a graphical representation of the computers and devices on a network and interconnections between them.

Zmieniamy MAC adres sieciówki - Windows XP |

Https can help protect streaming data transmission over the internal on the higher security level. It is used mostly in network management systems to monitor network-attached devices for conditions that require administrative attention. Access List - tab responsible for creating lists of IP addresses that are granted access to the IP camera.

Computers with IP addresses listed below can connect to camera via network. This is achieved by marking each packet on the network with a DSCP code and appropriating to it the corresponding level of service. IEEE In order to properly register service please fill the username and password fields.

Additionally, please set the update frequency of the network IP address. Server Mail, FTP Mail server configuration SMTP server. FTP server configuration. Samba server configuration.

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Image setting - tab containing camera picture settings. To set them up, please select a button corresponding to a particular zone, and mark the area while pressing right mouse button. To erase a previously highlighted zone, please press the button corresponding to it again. Video setting - configuration of video streams and their parameters.

Two adjustable video streams are available in IP camera. Different operation modes and parameters can be set independently for each of them. Audio setting - The camera features bidirectional sound transmission. Event setting a. Sensitivity is set independently for each area.

  • Zmieniamy MAC adres sieciówki - Windows XP;
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  • Zmieniamy MAC adres sieciówki - Windows XP.
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Three colours correspond to a defined detection zone - first area blue , second area green , third area red. After a specific area has been selected, add motion detection zone by clicking right mouse button in the image and selecting specific area. To delete this area you have to click RMB again.

Information: Due to the limited efficiency of cameras it is not recommended to record streams bigger than 1Mbps. When there is too much information or video quality is too high, post alarm recording time is decreased and frames may be lost. You can choose any specific day and hour by clicking right mouse button. Selected area changes colour to green.

To select whole day you have to click that day on the left hand side of the table. One hour periods are selected in the same manner. When you select ALL, whole table becomes filled.